Many times I have written about the things that are going wrong with our country.

And I am committed to exposing the darkness both in our political system and spiritually.

However, I also believe that one of the biggest things that is contributing to our countries’ downfall is the lack of financial education.

I talk about this a lot on my podcast

But in case you do not follow my podcast, I will give you a basic summary here, and give you something you can do about it.

First, what is financial education?

It is the basic understanding of money, and how it works. Further, it is the understanding that the rich in our country, do not work for money, but in many ways, they make money work for them.

Now before I go any further, I understand that there are some elite individuals who are very rich, and very deep into the occult. These people use money as a means to gain more power for themselves.

It is these people who run the Federal Reserve, and pull the strings that determine how much the money you have in your bank accounts, and in your wallet is truly worth.

That said, the fact is,  in gaining more power, they have set up a set of rules, to gain more money than the average person does not understand.

Why, because the average person was not taught it in school.

They were not taught that they can earn money, and then have it work for them, because the school system only teaches you how to work for someone else, and never to think for yourself.

This line of thinking also is taught by parents, who learned it from their parents, Etc, Etc.

This is why I have said on my podcast and elsewhere, that I learned more outside of school than I ever learned in it.

So what can you do?

You have to understand the rules of money, and then figure out how to operate within them.

Ever since I read the book Rich Dad Pour dad, my understanding of money and how things work changed. I began my quest to become a successful entrepreneur.

Along with that quest, I also began to study about how the rich gain wealth, and make that wealth work for them.

We can use this understanding to create wealth, and fund the Kingdom of God spreading the good news of the Gospel to those who need to hear it.

For example, if you have an asset that gives you cash flow month in and month out without taking up much of your time, then this frees you up to do more for the Kingdom.

This is what is known as passive income.

One of the resources I have found is the Elevation group.

Here is a podcast I did with Brian Fouts the owner of the Elevation group.

This group takes you from not knowing anything about how money works, to understanding how to build wealth and make your money work for you.

I am committed to finding solutions for the problems that plague our country, and the Elevation Group is one such solution.

Now this does not negate the need for spiritual revival, we need that first and foremost.

However, I do believe we can make some honest changes, for ourselves, and for our country.

Everything around us that is happening both evil and good has a spiritual root.

This is why we need to pray up, armor up, and war strong.

God bless,
Teresa Blaes.